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Employee Training is Vital investment for success of your Business
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Corporate Learning Environment

Perhaps you need to ramp up your team in a specialized technology skill for an upcoming or ongoing project. Or maybe you wish to build strong bonding between the team members for effective execution. It indeed is a vital investment for growth of employee and therefor the business.

For any of these scenarios, the process of customizing the curriculum to your needs , selecting the faculty and assessing their technical knowledge, and checking references can be overwhelming.  In addition, if the process of recruiting training agencies isn’t your core strength, it’s easy to make mistakes throughout the process that can put the success of your initiative in jeopardy.

Contracting or hiring the wrong agency can prove very costly to your organization in the form of time-lost and frustration.

Leverage Our Corporate Education Experience and Expertise

Alike Thoughts help organizations identify, devise, customize, and implement training needs for the modern corporate environment, thus allowing organizations to work with a single point of contact for all their staff training needs. Our technical strengths, enable us to provide our corporate clients with the most comprehensive and cost effective training solutions. Well equipped to perform a thorough and accurate Training Needs Analysis, our team suggests and conducts training programs that are most appropriate and deliver optimum value to organizations.

Alike Thoughts operates with a vision to provide high-quality training to its corporate clients through innovative and pioneering processes. Our programs are focused on helping organizations meet or exceed operational performance goals in terms of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence. We continuously strive to equip our corporate clients with knowledge, expertise and skills that help their staff enhance productivity and the quality of their work .

The value of a training provider with a long-term strategic commitment to high quality delivery of learning programs and a proven track record cannot be overstated. Moreover, by relying on one competent training provider, organizations can make a cost-effective choice.

Regardless of what skill you need to be trained on, our team of technology professionals is ready to support you with the best technology resources when and how you need them.

Corporate Learning has been key area of focus for Alike Thoughts, since our company’s beginning .  We have delivered training high-quality IT resources for many major companies in India and USA and have helped them with a wide variety of IT resource needs, including:

  • Open Source Technologies
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • TBD3
  • TBD4

Our IT Staffing solutions consist of the following:

Instructor Led Program For staffing new IT projects or for assisting you during peak or vacation times, we will quickly provide you with experienced IT professionals—even an entire team—with the right skills, experience and knowledge of your industry.  From business analysts to computer programmers, database managers to software engineers, technical writers to project managers, our highly-trained IT consultants are available for short-term and long-term assignments.
Professional Placement Recruiting and hiring the right people to join your IT team can be the difference between success and failure, and finding and placing the right candidates with the right skills at the right time is our specialty.  We have a team of experienced and talented recruiters and an industry-leading process to provide you precisely the talent you need.

Your Experienced IT Staffing Team

Our team of IT consultants are top-notch.  Our team of IT staffing and recruiting professionals are talented, experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to our customers’ success.  And in combination with our stringent screening processes and project-oriented search methodologies, these attributes enable us to quickly provide candidates of superior quality when you need them.

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